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Monday, February 22, 2010

Half Term in London

Tate at the Tate (Britain), doing a project from the Art Trolley.Natural History Museum. (Tate "my favorite is the Dinosaurus Rex!", as he hides behind the wall while viewing him...)
Happy Chinese New Year in Chinatown.
"Everything is going to be alright" (see top of museum.)
And while Tate and I were in the book store, I found this:

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

...and I really, really want it! I love every bit of it. Everything was presented so elegantly and the photography is great.


alittlebitofscrap said...

Love the picture of you! Just adorable.

Marja said...

You've reminded me I have that book! I need to dig it out and look at it some more.

Noemie LOVES that dinosaur. We were just there last week with her and Charlie. Both kids want to climb in and get closer to the darn thing. Weirdos. Most kids are a bit nervous!

Lovely photo of you. How are you feeling these days?