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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clean with Podcasts

My friend, Ursula, always talks about listening to podcasts. I wanted something listen to on the way to London, so I thought I would take a peek on itunes. A WHOLE NEW WORLD HAS BEEN OPENED FOR ME!!!
Cleaning and cooking are SO MUCH better when you are listening to a podcast.

This was my first one: The Parent Experiment, hosted by Theresa Strasser and Adam Carolla's hilarious wife, Lynette.
This is NOT for the mild eared... they swear a lot, and speak very frankly about being parents. IT IS SO FUNNY. This led to me downloading Adam Carolla's podcast as well. Again, not to be listened to while kids around.

I also found some cool, kid friendly craft podcasts, the LOST podcasts, and even some great childrens' stories.

1 comment:

ursula said...

OMG! I got a shout out on your excited :) Glad to hear you are enjoying the podcasts. They help so much with cleaning, cooking, driving, and exercising! Love them!