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Monday, February 07, 2011

Springtime and Clothing

We saw this movie for Movie Night. I LOVED IT. A warning though....I didn't see that it was PG, though, and I did have a little boy afraid in a few parts.

It is set during WWII and a mother is left with her 3 children and 2 cousins in the English Countryside, waiting for their dad and uncle to return. It is a light hearted movie, with the war just being a minor backdrop, and many a lesson to be learned from Nanny McPhee about behaving.
One of the best parts about this movie was how colorful it was. And my favorite part of that was Maggie Gyllenhaal's clothes. It made me want to go out and find pretty, girly, durable day dresses and cardigans. Then again, I feel this way every spring.

Here is my favorite outfit, and this was the only photo of it that I could find. Love the shoes, too. (Notice, she has her coat inside out, which leads me to my favorite moment in the movie...)
The favorite part of the movie is when she answers the door to meet Nanny McPhee for the first time and keeps insisting (with smile on her face) that she doesn't need a nanny. That everything is fine. When she is clearly having a meltdown moment. (I've been there!)

I looked online for similar outfits, but couldn't find a lot of dresses that fit this description.

H&M, only about $20. LOVE IT!
And if I am really desperate, I may have to try and make one.
And another sweet dress I came across. This can be found on etsy under "airmail dress".

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Mona said...

Those clothes date back to my mother's era. Now you know what I meant in my blog about them. I love them too!