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Friday, March 18, 2011

Great Kids Music

I have been really enjoying singing lots of kids songs while Soleil is playing about. We have been playing Tate's songs that we listened to when he was home all day, and he has been enjoying hearing them again.
This is Tate's favorite.
Everything Laurie Berkner does is cute! This is really good for dancing to, and when you want something up beat.And this is new one that we bought this week. It might be my favorite!!!! It is so good musically and soft and serene.
Another favorite. This is another calm and sweet one.


Anna C Shade said...

LOVE Elizabeth Mitchell! Genevieve loves You are My Little Bird! She has another one too - Sunny Day - which I gave to her for Christmas that is really good too. It is so nice to find such pleasant kid's music, isn't it? I love Dan Zanes too. If you haven't checked him out you should!

angela said...

We still dance to Laurie Berkner...and my kids are OLD!! Fun songs!!