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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Desk

This is the pile next to my bedside. I was updating an inspiration notebook that I started Spring 2009. It has pics from magazines of:
Home Decor
Gift Ideas
Color Combinations

I was using my japanese masking tape (which I LOVE!) to tape stuff in.
And yes, to the left is my High School Musical Notebook that I have been using to take notes about schools and houses for the move. I have to re-cover it before I head into a real estate/principal's office!!

Currently, I am obsessing about the move.
Smaller, older house with lots of character closer to the artsy, urban center and the schools (Spanish Immersion or Open schools) I want for Tate.
Big huge house in the suburbs with neighborhood schools where Tate is 1.5 yrs ahead his grade due to the UK starting school early.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO CHOOSE!! What would you pick?


Paula Clare said...

Hi Cat!
You know me...I'd choose the older, character-laden house in the artsy district. The place where Tate can be an individual...uniquely and creatively.

And the place where mom can loose the inner artist! I envision a craftsman style home with bright colors and tiffany style lamps...

Minnesota, right? I'll come visit! I have friends (dear friends) who live there, and you'll make one more!

ursula said...

Okay...I would totally choose the burbs...but I think you would LOVE the artsy area. Decisions...Decisions...
So glad you updated your blog, was missing some new material :)

Anna C Shade said...

I would say the artsy urban district - but I just got done talking with a friend about the school system in Kalamazoo city and it is NOT good (at least where she is). Lots of kids with a lot of special needs and circumstances that are constantly flowing in & out of the classroom for different things - and her bright kids left behind. I would visit the schools, talk with the principals and meet the teachers (if you can) before you decide. We are in a small cool house in the suburbs of Kzoo and 10 minutes away from everything. And the schools are excellent - not perfect but less issues than the urban ones. Especially if Tate is going to be advanced - the suburban ones might have more to offer him over time. My two cents!

Where did you get the japanese masking tape? That sounds fun!!

Anna C Shade said...

Oh and I know you are moving to Minneapolis - not Kzoo - but I think there are comparisons to likely make between the two.... :)

Laura Chin said...

2 years, right? go with spanish!