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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finding Fabric for Free

I stumbled upon this amazing organization:

FabMo--Our volunteer organization diverts discontinued high quality designer materials from the waste stream. Our local FabMo effort is currently redirecting at least 25 tons or 300 cubic yards per year. These exquisite textiles are generally not available anywhere else and are well appreciated by teachers, students, artisans and craftspeople. There are many colors, patterns, weights and sizes (majority are a yard or less), plus trims, leathers & carpet samples. We also frequently have wallpapers, sample books, hardware, tassels, and more.

If you don't live in N CA, maybe you can ask local designers, fabric companies, furniture stores for scraps that they are throwing away for your next project!!

And if you live in Bath, might want to check out the Scrap Store. (Great for home projects, however, they do not allow the use of their materials for making things you might sell.)

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