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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Need a Moment to Yourself?

I love my kiddos.  But some days, I just need to finish my cup of coffee.  In order to attempt this, I set up a little activity when they wake up from nap or return home from school.  Some days, it is simply setting out clean paper and crayons.

I also pre positioned stickers on the edge of the table for Soleil to stick on the paper.  (They were leftovers from an old CBeebies magazine.)

3 bowls-one filled with rocks, one filled with sticks, one empty.  I got the most return on this one!

This was for Tate.  The colorful little bits are PlayMais, and can be found online in the US and at craft shops Europe.  They are made from corn, so safe, and you put a little water on them from the sponge and they stick together.  You can make all sorts of things with them!  This batch has lasted us years.

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