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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day Out for Mama.

On Sundays, I usually get a few hours to get out alone.  Last week, I went to Bachman's, a local garden center, gift shop, and cafe.  

They also have an "idea house"that I have heard much about.  They take a real house and decorate it for the season, and you can wander through and be inspired for your own home.  I can't wait to go to it when it opens in a month.  Fall is definitely my favorite season, and I can't see what they have created!

Yay Halloween!!

The cafe.  It seems like it is outside, but it is actually in a greenhouse.
My lunch.

Which inspired me to come home and make this.  I forgot how much I love soup!

I love these type of serving dishes.  They remind me of afternoon tea.

And on a completely unrelated, but cute, note...

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Laura Chin said...

You and your love of Halloween! I love how excited you get hehe