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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Fun in the Kitchen--Summer 2012

 My generous neighbor gave me some of her extra, home grown zucchinis.  I have always wanted to make these and thought this was the perfect time.  They were great, and even Soleil loved them.  (They are like potato latkes, but fresher tasting.)  I had them with a little lemon juice, s&p, and sour cream on top.

We made this for a little gathering I went to.  The little sweet-salty treat is so good, and easy to make.

 My helper in the kitchen.

This really works to keep your salad lettuce fresh and easy to access.  I ate sooo much more salad than I usually do, since all I had to do was pour it into a bowl to make salad:)

 And on a slightly unhealthy note, these are YUMMMY!  My friend, Ann, introduced me to their spicy, corny, salty goodness.

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ursula said...

I was wondering if the salad in a jars really worked...will have to try it! Still loving your blog!!