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Friday, December 07, 2012

Kidney Update

Hi all!  I thought I would be back posting by now, but I am having a harder time recovering than I thought.  Papa Chin is doing well--the kidney donation was successful, but healing takes time.
By some miracle we have the Christmas tree up, but if you stop by for a visit, please don't be appalled by extremely messy house.

Be back with Project 11 hopefully soon.  There is crafting being done around here, but not by me.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and its unending kids craft ideas.:)


Gerri said...

Oh Hon,
I'm happy to hear the good reports...
Sending you love. :)

Anonymous said...

Only just caught the tiny last line on your last post. What can I say wow, what an amazing thing to do. Hope you and your Dad are both recovering well.

Take care

Charlotte x