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Monday, January 14, 2013

Project 13: Ruffle Apron

I made this for one of my childhood BFFs!  I love making things for other people--I try to make it nicer and learn something I wouldn't otherwise, if I were making it just for me.  I reallllly wanted a pretty ruffle on the apron, so I went to Youtube.

Here is the general idea--
1.  I traced the pattern for the skirt, and then the top piece, on newspaper, and cut the pieces out of fabric.
2.  I added ruffle and pocket.
3.  I hemmed everything.
4.  I sewed it all together, trying to make it look as finished as possible.  (This involves sewing right sides together, most times, and opening up/flipping inside out to get a nice sewn edge.)
5.  Watch LOTS of Youtube tutorials and pick the stuff that works for you best.

But I will give your specific instructions on the zipper pocket, because it was so easy!

1.  Sew in zipper to pocket fabric.  (Right side of zipper facing right side of pocket fabric.) Flip over so that you see pretty side, and sewn side is hidden from view.
2.  Place the other side (unsewn side) of zipper face down, on apron fabric.  Sew zipper in.  Fold over so that pocket looks like a pocket.
3.  Make sure you have folded the other 3 edges in about 1/4-1/2 inch, so the raw edges don't show.  Top stitch all the way around, making sure to sew over the little zipper end tails up at the beginning and end of zipper.

(I hate written word instructions... so sorry!  I prefer seeing it, rather than hearing about how to do it.   This is where youtube comes in handy.)

RUFFLE:  The best tutorial was from DIY Dish--the twin sisters who make the videos are soo adorable and easy to understand.


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Fabric choices are adorable! I love the blue and brown together. :)