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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Project 14: The Sketchbook Project

This week, I scrambled at the last minute to finish my entry into The Sketchbook Project.  I hate scrambling.  I like to plan and get stuff done way ahead, but that didn't happen.

When my friend, Ladonna, called to remind me of the deadline, I tried to be zen about it and told myself, "Just do what you can before the deadline and send it in."  But I couldn't.  So on the day of the deadline, I loaded the dining table with a ton of art supplies and barely parented all day to get this thing done.  I think we got to the post office at 4:29pm.

I really enjoyed the process, and let it just all come intuitively.  Soleil loved playing along for about the first 2 hours, and then she was over it.  (Yes, I parked her in front of the tv.  Yes, I am a horrible mom.)

Here it is.



Gumdropzz said...

OK.....original post...didn' matter...still riding the inspiration train. I LOVE your book of lists! I especially love the 'advent calendar' remark and the Mom's Favorites w/the blacked out correction. I loved how you did so many lists in so many different ways and how you folded pages in the book. I also LOVE how the last page is brilliant!

Inspired and inspiring my friend. :) I'm so spreading the word....LaDonna

Mona said...

Wow! Going through this book is like living inside your head for a few minutes! Filled with color, happiness and creativity.

Cat said...

Thanks, guys! Funny thing about the "favorites" isn't blacked out, the background was painted by Tatey. I put drops of acrylic paint on the page and had him blend it out, and then I wrote the list on top. Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I loved doing this!