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Friday, January 25, 2013

Project 15: Valentine's Day Bunting

The kitchen is a mess, and the baby is falling asleep at her meal, but see the pretty bunting hanging above her?

Here is how you make one: 

No photo, take each the 2 TRIANGLES that you cut, turn them so the pretty sides face each other.
PIN so they don't move around.
SEW ALONG sides of triangle, leaving top of triangle open.
FLIP INSIDE OUT, so that pretty side is showing.

Yay!! You are now done. Hang up wherever you want!

This tutorial helped me a lot, but there is a little measurement confusion at one point. (To clear up, she asks you to mark 11cm on top and 22cm on bottom.  Each of the marks should be 11 cm away from one another, but on the bottom, starting at the 22cm mark.)  Again, I love the youtube videos.

As I type this, my sick baby just fell asleep on my arm.  She never ever ever does this, but the snuggly spot and the repetition of the typing must have done the trick!  Keep warm and stay healthy everyone.


Gerri said...

Your kitchen looks fabulous!! But, I'm the same way. I think something is a mess and others tell me it's spotless. Oh well...

Healthy wishes to your family!

Kat said...

Really, your kitchen is so-oo not a mess! I should send you a photo of my kitchen . . .

crystal kluge said...

Love this! : )