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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Project 17: Upcycled Sock Hearts

My mom knits me socks.  They are awesome.  But the socks from her first batches may have been a tad too small... and I may have worn holes in them.  I know that it takes A LOT of work to make them, so when they became unwearable, I couldn't throw them away.  I added them to the pile of clothes made from good fabric/patterns that I don't wear anymore that are stashed in my craft room because I know I can use them some day....

That "some day" was this week, when my little one looked me in the face and said "Craft, mama?"  I almost died of happiness.

The (clean) socks are almost felted, because of being washed so many times, so when I cut them open to make useable fabric, it didn't unwind.

This is what I did:
1.  Made heart shape from magazine paper as pattern.
2.  Pinned to flattened out sock.  Cut 2 hearts out of sock material, using pattern as guide.
3.  Put Right Sides together and pinned.
4.  Sewed around 3/4 of heart.
5. Turned right side out.
6.  Stuffed.
7.  Hand sewed shut.
8.  Gave to baby to play with. :) :) :)

This took less than an hour.


Gerri said...

Brilliant!! These are adorable. :)

Laura Chin said...

I love it! We have a few hats and mittens that the kids just love because "grandma made them!" They no longer fit but this is a great idea :)

Kat said...

When you get a cat, you can make him catnip toys ;-)
Beautiful yarn, btw.

Bella said...

OMG.. How cute! This is a great idea. xo

Anonymous said...

Great idea especially making a heart from the socks.

Charlotte x

flora said...

love this!!!