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Monday, February 25, 2013

Project 18: Easy Child's Apron

I thought the last apron was pretty do-able.  I was quite surprised at how that all worked, to be honest!  
Soleil wanted an apron as well, and this one was even easier!

Ok, here is the quick overview.  

1.  Trace apron shape from another apron-FABRIC 1.  (Or just draw your own on newspaper)
2.  Trace same shape as the top half of the apron on FABRIC 2
3.  Make small rectangle of fabric for pocket on FABRIC 2
4.  Cut ties from ribbon.  Judge your own length--enough to tie around neck and a set for around body. 

Now how do you sew it together?  It isn't perfect, but this is what I did.

5.  Sew pocket on.  (Fold & iron edges in all the way around and top stitch on.  Easy Peasy.)
6.  Hem the bottom and the 2 lower sides of FABRIC 1 (Pink stripe).  Leave top and top sides (shaped like a trapezoid) unhemmed.
7. Hem botton of FABRIC 2 (Pink damask) top section.  
6. Trim FABRIC 2(Pink Damask) top section to match size of top section of FABRIC 1 (Pink stripe).  
7.  Pin RIGHT SIDES together, with straps sandwiched in, on top section (for neck straps) and sides (for side straps) and sew around sides and top. **Look at finished product to see what I mean**
8. Flip right side out.  
9.  DONE!

And while Soleil was waiting, I gave her some dried out markers, a little bowl of water, and a coffee filter.  When it was dry, I used a pipe cleaner and made it into a flower!  You could also make it into a butterfly.  

And later that day...  we had science experiments.  To start, we had a science kit from my friend, Claudia.
After the "real" science,  I gave the kids each a muffin tin, and they could mix whatever they wanted from food color (that I added), corn starch, salt, baking soda, vinegar, and water.  I used little condiment bottles and spray bottles for the liquid.  This was a hit!!! 

I also saw something on pinterest where you fill cake pan with baking soda, and give them many containers of food color dyed vinegar to add as they please.  I might do this next time :)


Gerri said...

The apron is SO adorable!! Looks like you have so much messy fun at your place. ;)

Cat said...

Hee Hee! Yes, definitely family friendly at Casa de Schwartz.