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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On the Move

Transition is hard.  Our family has experienced a lot of that in the past couple of years, and we are getting ready to be on the move again.  When I started this blog, I had a new baby, was living in the 'burbs of St. Louis, and it was my very necessary outlet with the outside world.  Since then, we have moved to Michigan during Paul's deployment, back to St. Louis, to London, to Bath, to Minneapolis, and we are headed to Washington DC in July.  We plan to be there for 1.5 yrs, before FINALLY settling in Michigan.  Hopefully very close, if not in, Ann Arbor.

I am really, really, really ready to settle and grow some very deep roots.  I want community, I want consistency, I want a very boring life :)  I plan on establishing my dream business (more on that soon!) and plant a garden, and more specifically, some raspberries.  Why raspberries?  Because they take a few years before they yield fruit, and we haven't had that opportunity in awhile.

We have been watching a lot of HGTV around here, and even Tate has made his "Forever House Wish List".  (This kid LOVES HGTV, more than a little kid should! The Property Brothers are his favorite.) I am also addicted to "pinning" cool stuff on pinterest.  I love planning things, so this time is quite enjoyable, even if I have to wait to start creating my dream home.

The one thing that makes these changes easier, is my craft things.  Even when we had a little apt. in Michigan, I left most of the furniture behind, but brought most of my crafty bits along!  When Tate would go to sleep, I would watch really bad tv and craft, craft, craft.  It is my therapy.

What makes things better for you in a transition?  I'd love to hear:)


Gerri said...

Oh, I wish you well as you make this one more transition. Hugs...

Diane Elizabeth said...

Right down the street from me in Crofton. We have to get together. Ill help make your transition easy :)

flora said...

wishing you the best of luck on this next move! hope things settle in and down for you quickly!