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Monday, January 27, 2014

Love with Food

For Christmas, my BFF and longest childhood friend, Claudia and I gave each other these fun snack box subscriptions.  This one is called"Love with Food", and it comes with a lot of many unique snacks.  The best part is that they donate a portion of the cost to fun one meal to someone in need.  

Soleil wanted to try every snack.  She had so much fun with this, that I felt guilty if I tried a snack without her. When the box was empty, I had to refill it with small snacks I already had in the pantry (goldfish crackers, peanut butter crackers, fruit cups, etc.)   She pulls the box out whenever she is hungry!

My favorite was the Banana Split Baby Mama Drama from Mama's Magic Mix.  It was comprised of these caramel puffs and freeze dried fruit and nuts and was soooo good!

Claudia and I also ordered "Nature Box" for each other, and I haven't received that one yet, but I can't wait!

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Elizabeth said...

These seem really neat! I love the idea of a food box! :) Cant wait to see your one on nature box!!!

Love Always,