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Monday, January 06, 2014


I know I am not the only one has been scrapbooking slump.  Over the past few years, I have heard over and over again "I used to scrap all the time, but I just stopped."  I was the same.  However, I have been reinspired.  And funny enough, many of those folks who felt the same way I did, are reinspired as well.

Have you seen PROJECT LIFE?

You slide your pictures into these cool page protectors (all different types), and you also can slide little cards of patterned paper in as well.  You can add stickers (or not!),  add journaling (or not!), and be done with a lot of scrapbooking in a short amount of time, while still using some creativity.  For the 3x4 prints, I used Persnickety Prints.

I started using up my paper stash, which was awesome.  I cut up the different patterns into 3x4 and 4x6, which you can use in the PROJECT LIFE protectors.  I, actually, discovered the SNAP! system, which is basically the same thing, but cheaper quality and some small albums.  I tried am working on a SNAP! album as a trial, but I am already hooked, so I will be moving on to a PROJECT LIFE album soon.

Now the other cool part of the system, is the philsophy of PROJECT LIFE.  It is about scrapbooking the little stuff that happens in your daily routine.  When you look back, you will see what life was like at this time, not just at celebrations and special times, but in the every day.

Organizing the supplies has almost been as fun as scrapbooking itself.  I love all the little stacks of uniform cardstock in all sorts of patterns.  I have seen organizers online for up to $75.  This one was from TJMaxx, and was $9.99.  I love that it is portable!

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