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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Starting my Business

I have been working on a business plan for about 2 years.  Actually, I have been working on it longer than that, if you count the time spent daydreaming about future plans that have bubbling within forever.  I knew I couldn't really do anything until we stopped MOVING. That is finally coming to an end this summer, and I am so excited!!

Planning, planning, planning.

Because I couldn't start my own business, I channeled that energy into helping other small businesses.  I really love helping others make their dreams come true.  Sometimes it was actual work, other times it was a brainstorming session, and other times it was to gather an unofficial panel to give feedback.  As I have traveled, I have left a trail of amazing women, whom I call dear friends, who have inspired me as I start my own business.

I have fears, as one does... about financial commitment, about where, about when, about someone else stealing my idea in the same area.  But I also have A LOT of excitement about having my own shoppe, and collaborating with other creative souls.


Bella said...

Because you've spent years dreaming, planning, and spending your energy helping others build - I have every ounce of faith that your heart centered biz will be amazing!xo

Gerri said...

I'm so excited for you and the dream coming true!! xxO

Iris Macey said...
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