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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Random Observations

Going here.  Soon.  
Soleil will do anything for a French Macaron.  Or (/mɑːkɑːrɔːn/ mah-kah-rōn;[1] French pronunciation: ​[makaˈʁɔ̃][2]) as the pretentious Hipster at our local cafe corrects me in saying...

Perhaps I should stop buying my 3 year old daughter shoes.

Why I hate going to the commissary.  The bread aisle looked even more bare.

Returning home, and dreading leaving it when we move.

Easy meal for Cinco de Mayo.  Throw whole chicken in crock pot+italian season+chicken broth+onions.  Shred, add taco sauce at end or leave plain, like my kids like it.   Oh, and don't think I made the Spanish rice... I made the Trader Joe's frozen, microwave brown rice and then heated up rotel, and added it in, cooking until heated through.  (It was pretty good.)

Selling this.  I want a Cameo because it fits my lifestyle better.

Cleaning Craft Cabinet.  (I never have need to walk into a Michaels/Joann's again.  But I will.)

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Bella said...

Holy craft cabinet!!