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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Early Summer Fun 2014

I made a little craft kit for the little girls of a good friend.  The girls and his wife are super crafty, so I knew I just had to send them a fun little packet!  It had stickers inside, small kits, extra craft supplies, bits of paper.  Their eldest is the same age as Tate, 8/9, so I knew she could handle a little stitching, so I added a stitched felt kit.  (Sidenote: Tate is doing stitchery in art class and finds it delightful!)
This kit was super easy to make.  2 felt hearts (cut with pinking shears), a little stuffing, a needle and embroidery thread.  I threaded the needle so that it would be ready to go, and she had it finished while we were all waiting for brunch at a restaurant!  

Soleil was not about to be left out of any sort of crafting.  Thank goodness I made her a fairy kit as well as my friends' girls.  She was so excited to put it together. 
Doll Clothespins+circles of scrap fabric and felt-small "x" cut in center+yarn or wool for hair+ribbon piece for shirt+wings cut from cardstock+pipe cleaner for arms+marker for face and feet.

And since it has been 90F, playing in the hose an sprinklers are almost expected.
(When you do this at other people's houses, you might have to walk home, shirtless, dripping wet, and in a Cars towel.)

Frozen treat on a hot day!!  
Frozen pineapple+splash of almond milk+squirt of honey+water as needed.  

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