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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

Tate is about to begin his third day of school.  The first two days, I fought back tears for most of the day.  I went out with Soleil to distract myself from his absence, and yes, I know I'm a freak for feeling this way.  But I like my kid.

He is currently singing, broadway style, "Let's go to school!", a song he is making up as he goes along.  With dancing.

I do love the back to school feeling of fall, though.  I personally loved school, and who doesn't love pumpkin everything this time of year? I even have a new sweater on!  (Pink, cozy, flowy, made out of super soft sweatshirt material.)

His song has just transformed into the tune of "Let's Go to The Mall" by Robin Sparkles.  Just to be clear, he has never seen How I Met your Mother, but he has seen all of the associated music videos.  Because they are awesome.

My house is still not fully unpacked or cozy-fied, but I might have to craft a little today.  I found these three awesome books at our new library, and now all I want to do is make things:)

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Tracey said...

How wonderful that Tate is singing and excited about school! Sweetness! Even though you understandably miss him, I see great comfort and satisfaction available that he is approaching his new adventure with such enthusiasm and promise. I love it! Great work, mama!! xoxo