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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Project Life Swap & Healthy Cookies

Do any of you do the new style of scrapbooking with the Project Life System?  Basically, it simplifies the whole process by having you slide in your photos, and uses these remade journaling cards that you can write on and embellish.  I love them.  I love them for using in my new planner as little list makers, and for also using as quick notes to someone.  

This one is a different brand than Project Life, but I have more cards than I need.  I get sick of the same designs, and they give you 3 or 4 of each!  
Does anyone else have this problem?  If so, I'd LOVE TO DO A SWAP WITH YOU!!   I have been looking online, because I can't be the only one who has thought of this.  If you know of an online swap, please send me a link:)
And as I mentioned a few posts ago, I am eating a little more healthy.  And I found this recipe, which I am SURE you have seen if you are on pinterest at all... The call it "Healthy Cookies, only 3 ingredients!"    We made them.  They SUCK.  OMG, they are so gross, and the kids and I were laughing at how gross they were, until Tate had the idea to leave a note for Paul, who eats everything.
It is basically ripe bananas, oats, and dried fruit.  Do you know what they taste like?  Bananas, oats, and dried fruit but drier.   A bit like mud.  I like healthy food usually, but your eyes say cookie, and your mouth is like "What in the hell is this?"

On a yummier note, FROZEN PINEAPPLE+COCONUT MILK+HONEY+OJ=deliciousness.
Add maraschino cherries, and a little cherry juice and it is downright Spring Break Yummy.
(Paul added Rum to his.)

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