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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Green Tips

So I am trying to make baby steps in leaving a smaller eco-footprint.

Here are my reviews on some "Green" items that I have tried. I'd love to hear an reviews that you have as well:

1. The Crystal Deodorant-it actually works!! I have the spray on (obviously NOT aerosol) and while it drips a little after application, it works better than my Degree that I used to use.
2. Earth Friendly Lavender Dishsoap-NOPE. It smells great, though.
3. Seventh Generation Toilet Paper-Works for me, though we buy cheap Angel Soft usually (and not the superplush Charmin) sells the larger quantity for less than $1 a roll. Martha Stewart quoted some significant statistic (that I can't remember right now) about how this makes a huge impact.
4. FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers-YES YES YES! Dave Matthews used them on his twins. I just found that out today.
5. Environmentally Friendly OXY (not sure on the actually brand name)- NO--doesn't work; buy the real stuff. Real OXY is like a gift from the laundry Gods.


Vee said...

every bit helps! :)

RachelDenbow said...

We used 7th Gen. toilet paper in Seattle when we could get it easily. Not so bad at all.
I'd love to have some wool love sent my way.
Here's my e-mail and I'll send you my addy.

Thanks! Love this post.

Lisa said...

You are so right about the Oxy! I recycle and easy stuff like that. We have a cabin that is totally off the grid and is powered by solar energy. Its right in the middle of the wilderness. Love it!

Sarah said...

1. the B.O.derant you speak of left huge dark stains on all my white shirts, bummer, but that was years ago. maybe its' better now.
2. Try Method, it works great.
3. Historically, I don't think they have a huge amount of TP in India, hence the namaste bow and not the handshake.
4. We are evil here..two in diapers and none of it cloth. damnation is our fate.
5. Throw some baking soda in the wash.. it works OK but i can't tear myself from spray and wash.

Hey, love the previous posts and you are not just a crafty lady, but a baker now too! impressed!!

Mona said...

At $1 Per roll for toilet paper, I would be in serious trouble around this house! Your brother uses a roll a day! HaHa!