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Monday, September 17, 2007


My inspiration comes for several layouts in CK magazine, but this LO looks the most like one that used the doodles for a "celebration" effect.
I'd love to give the person credit who deserves it, but right now, I am WAY too lazy to get up and go search in the other room. LOL! I will list the layout I scraplifted tomorrow after a nice long sleep, hopefully.
Tate is teething, so I cannot jump into bed quick enough. Since he wouldn't let me put the Orajel in his mouth, he came up with a better solution for the tube to relieve his pain:

**Notice how trashed the living room is...


Natalie said...

What a cutie!!

Lisa said...

Smart boy.. LOL! Its amazing you have the time.

ursula said...

I am glad to see the living room trashed! It is nice to see you are a normal person, and not perfect!