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Friday, September 14, 2007

Another LIST! Currently Inspired by...

Macy's/Nordstrom lighting and smell:
**After I return from a good shopping trip, I want my house to have the same lighting and organization of a large, well stocked department store. and I love the smell of them, too...what is it? A combo of perfume, new clothes and leather??

Perfectly Coiffed 20-somethings:
**Yes, I will yet again refer to my closet favs, The Hills and Real World. It makes me want to put that extra effort into getting ready.

Good Home Dec Catalogs:
**Same reason as #1, and normally I would reference Pottery Barn, but not in love with the latest catalog. Did you see the oversized rustic farm implements that were mounted on the wall?? I made Paul get rid of those when we moved in together!!

Sept Fashion Mags:
**Specifically the ads. It makes me want to don boots and flannel and have a picnic in the country while having perfect hair and makeup.

Preschool Teachers:
**Such gentle patience...

1 comment:

ursula said...

Are you enjoying Real World Australia? Cause I am not...pretty boring. And when do they get a job? I hate to say it, but unless there is lots of hooking up, it is really not that interesting.