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Monday, September 10, 2007

New Favorite Coffee Cup

My mom found this GREAT cup at Hobby Lobby.
1. It matches my kitchen.
2. It looks like a cupcake/hot cocoa.
3. The lid keeps my coffee hot!
I currently and enjoying a cup of java with a scoop of mint hot cocoa powder stirred in while it starts to rain. Is anyone else VERY ready for fall??
Also, what is your favorite beverage?
(Yes, honey, I know you are going to put "beer" somewhere on this posting, so I am already ready for it...)


Natalie said...

Favorite (sinful) beverages would either have to be Mountain Dew or a frap from Starbucks. But I'm usually a strictly water girl. Boring, I know!

Mona said...

Coffee, Java....LOVE my Cuppa Joe!Although all the coffee house beverages are wonderful, they just aren't "coffee"! Love my plain old standard.