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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It is exciting, and I feel like a rich woman...Paul got the cord to the computer and now I have unlimited free internet!!

Still no photos yet. Did I mention that the USAF may have lost at least one of our shipments of stuff?

But the tea is soooooo good.

I still might be moving the blog...Google won't let me log in, since my username and email are different. I'll keep you posted.

The best part of my day??? I FOUND A SCRAPBOOK STORE!!!!

Bloomsbury; London, UK WC1A 2JL

It sounds like it is just for rubber stamps, but definitely it is not. They have a great selection of many, many brands to include (my favorites) 7gypsies and Holy Cow. The woman in the store was extremely helpful and had that "Ooo, I love to create and talk about it" vibe that I love in a scrapbook store.


Debbie said...

Yeah welcome back to the Internet world. Glad you are back online, have missed you terribly. I am sorry to hear about your stuff, hopefully it will show up. Wow, I am going to go to the link and check out your scrapbook store.. woo hoo, at least you have one. YEAH!!


Vee said...

welcome back and I hopt your box of stuff makes it back to you! :) cool, you found a scrapbook store already, now that is essential :)

paula clare said...

HOORAY! YOU'RE HERE! I mean, THERE! I mean, ONLINE! YAY! I am SO GLAD you're back online, girlfriend! And already finding places to hang and meet with arty types...good girl! And now the next question: Where are the art galleries, and which is your fave?

Mona said...

Sure missed your blogs! I KNEW they had to have a scrapbook store somewhere in London!