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Thursday, July 17, 2008

mamma mia!

Loved it! Loved it!

I saw the musical a few years back, and went to the movie last night. FEEL GOOD, MUSICAL FUN!!!

A few things about my first British movie experience:
1. 9.50 for a movie ticket(THAT's $19.00 without popcorn!!!)
2. Movies don't start on time (6:55 for a 6:30 movie). I didn't care--I love previews.
3. When the credits roll, no one moves. They actually sit there and watch them. I was in the middle row and had to pee, so yea, I just had to wait.
4. They had stylish bar with alcohol across from candy and popcorn.

Scrapbooking and baking posts will return soon!


Natalie said...

I cannot wait to see that movie. THe musical is my all time fave. Good to hear it was a good one. And $19...ouch!!

Laura Chin said...

you weren't drunk when you saw it were you? lol

ursula said...

Wow! You are jumping right in huh? Glad to hear you got out and are seeing the sights (or movies). So good to talk to you the other day.

Charin said...

I want to see that one for sure! :) (It has Colin Firth in it, that's enough for me! haha)