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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Things I love about London

1. Fish and Chips. YUM
2. Covent Garden--shopping, performers, YES for tourists, but still very fun.
3. Summer--it stays light out VERY late. Like when we turn in for the night (around 9pm), it is still very light out.
4. Strongbow Cider.
5. The weather feels like San Francisco.
6. New Chocolate Bars to try.
7. Flowers-everyone buys them for their homes.
8. Lots of people from EVERYWHERE (and LOTS of different kinds of fashion)
9. Parks--Kensington Gardens in particular
10. Street Musicians (in Tube stops and Covent Gardens)--Really good and all types of music.

Oh yea and WE MOVE IT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wee Hee!!!!!!!!


Laura Chin said...

YAY Moving day! Have fun getting settled into your new neighborhood :)

Sarah said...

congrats you all!!
Charlie is always asking about Tate and is finally understanding that you have moved; although he thinks that we can just visit you anytime we wish, how i wish...
Charlie says: "Hi i want to bring you a backhoe, and garbage truck to play with, and a cement truck. where London is mom? I want to watch tate"
OK, we love you. good luck on the move.

Leslie said...

Woohoo...finally got a chance to read your blog. Sounds like things there are going well. Have always wanted to explore London...guess I'll do that through you! :)
congrats on getting the internet and finding a scrapbook store...the real living has begun..hehhehe
Talk to you soon.

Charin said...

Ohhh how fun!!! :) :)
SO jealous :) Enjoy it!