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Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall 08 *Inspired* by...

Goddess Guide-- This is a cool tip guide about fashion, food, places to go, things to buy. Mostly it is centered around places and things in London, Paris and New York, but with the internet most items to buy from the guide are accessible to all. Also, it is written to look like an old school scrapbook with lots of art and comments in the margins.

Chartreuse Green and Deep Chocolate Brown

Men in Suits, with umbrellas, saying stuff like "Good Day" and "Cheerio", ok maybe not "Cheerio", but they look they should say it.

"The Party Planner" by David Tutera--makes me want to have a party...He shows the perfect attention-to-detail visions like The Secret Garden Tea Party with gorgeously fragrant flowers, sparkling glittery butterflies everywhere, and elegant tulle hanging with the garden as a backdrop.

Those Dang Chic Moms I see everywhere. I really need to step up my game!

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Paula Clare said...

I WANT A COPY *whine* I WANT A COPY! Oh by the way, DEAR FRIEND, SOMEONE failed to tell me she had an anniversary on Saturday! 5 years! That's wonderful! Congratulations! Paul told me you had a great day of sight seeing...from a reeeeeeeeeally scary ferris wheel looking thing...BLOG those shots! They are amazing!

And I'm SURE you look every bit as chic as the English moms (mums) that are always got your style thing 'goin on'!