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Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally Creating Again,

Baby Felt Pumpkins.
What are they for? I am not sure yet, but I was inspired by a friend who had baby felt hearts in a tray on her coffee table with shiny confetti and stones with words about love placed around candles. Actually, I made these to send to her if I can ever get them away from Tate.

And Marble Shaving Cream Painting.
This was really a kids project, but I was looking for the how-to on the internet, and I read you can used it for book covers, scrapbooking, etc. It was really fun.

I used crayola paints, but I suggest food coloring or a larger quantity of cheap old school (water-based) paint that has been watered down a bit.

Now that we have a routine, I have been planning an activity for Tate in the afternoons. This is our list for this week:
1. Shaving Cream Painting
2. File Folder Scrapbooking--visit office supply store for inspiration. SCRAP with office supplies.
3. Make Your Own Word Search
4. Crayon Cakes
5. Fingerprint Tree

Yes, I was on the internet late on Sunday night....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OH, I love the shaving cream painting idea! I'll be using that with the kids next week! What fun :)

Of course, I'll need to "test" it myself first HA!! I'm not PLAYING in the shaving cream, I'm "testing" a craft idea :)