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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Calgon Take Me Away

(For those UK readers, there was this commercial for bubble bath called Calgon...)

Some days, I look at Tate in awe, and I enjoy the routine of our day. Ya know... the crafts, the park, going to the shops with him as he pulls the little shopping cart behind him and happily sings on his way home whilst in the buggy.

Today is not one of those days.

It is mainly my fault, since last night at about 10p, I discovered the new season of "The Hills" was accessible on youtube. Yea.........I stayed up way to late (and yes I am total nerd for my "Hills" addiction).

Oh and did I mention it is "no-nap" day? On Tuesdays, the Waldorf playgroup is at 1:30p, which is right in the middle of nap time. We love it so much, we sacrifice the nap but holy long day, batman! I know, I know, there are women out there with a whole house full of babies that are laughing at me and cursing me as they read, but whatever...I am tired.

And then Tate just handed me my to-do list with all the boxes checked, with his name written all over it and said "Here Babycakes!" *reluctant, but much needed smile*


Debbie said...

He's a cute little stinker..Miss you guys bunches!!!! It's normal to have those days, but the little things that make you smile, makes it all worth while.

Love you girl,


alittlebitofscrap said...

Waldorf, good choice! :) Sorry about the no nap thing! yikes!

Rachel Saunders said...

I so know those kind of days!!! I call it "hitting the wall" (either me or the children!!!). Hope you are liking england I dont know any where local to you to get scrapping baskets but I would just look around. Often the cheap "pound" shops have really nice stuff. I have one near me called Snip and it has such cool storage stuff. (Im only a little way out of london...and I scrap!

Mona said...

I don't know that ANYTHING is worth a "No Nap Day"! I am feeling for you, just thinking about it. OF COURSE, Tate checked off the "to do" list. HA HA!

Leslie said...

I feel for you...mine haven't taken naps in years, but there are certainly days where we could all use one! :)
Big hugs!