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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Getting into the Spirit

Surprise New Bedding (for Tate)! A few Saturday nights ago, I locked myself in my craft room to make Christmas cards. I heard a little knock on the door, and well...I let a certain boy stay up past bedtime and we made this together instead. (foam wreath+wide ribbon+stars and glue dots+felt reindeer with adhesive on back)Feet are fun.
Got this idea from my friend, Ursula. I think she calls it Muffin Tin Mondays. This was a Thursday, and I wanted something easy for dinner. Just take muffin tins and fill with a (semi) balanced meal using the leftovers in your frig.
Cold weather calls for baking bread. While watching "From Paris With Love". Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so much better as King Henry than he is his character in this movie. J. Travolta--awesome. Cracked my butt up.

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smilemonsters said...

I'm totally copy catting Muffin Tin Monday! My 4 year old hardly eats. Maybe this will get his attention.

Jo @ SmileMonsters