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Monday, December 27, 2010

Not Yet the New Year

I get this from my mom.
The moment Christmas is over, I want to clean away all the green and red and make the house look sparking. I want all excess clutter gone and this is the one time of the year that I like the minimalist style.
Kind of impossible with 2 semi-ill children and the husband home for 2 weeks.

I even put my Christmas Martha Stewart (that I JUST received) away until next year, because I don't want to even read about Christmas decor. CLEAN. BRIGHT. SIMPLE.

Does anyone else feel like that?


Lisa M said...

Not exactly....I like to keep the decorations up through new year. I love having the twinking lights throughout the house. It's a way to keep the holiday spirit alive for a little longer. Our Christmas tree ended up "showing off" the week before Christmas giving off the most amazing scent (it's a real tree). Everytime I walk by it smells so good (even though it is starting to get crispy). I do clean before it all goes up and will clean when it all comes down. I am ready to have a big garage sale, though, to start getting rid of the excess!

Cat said...

OK Martha, I couldn't resist you. I pulled out the MS Living magazine, and was amazed by all the cute stuff they had in there.