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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Cards, Cupcakes, Cookies

Getting some help with the cards.

 Soleil helping to review the cupcake shop, Sweet Retreat in Edina, MN.   Oreo cupcake...YUM.  This cupcake was really moist and flavorful without being overly sweet.

One of Tate's classmates gave me this temporary tattoo at his school's family day.  Soleil loved it so much she kept pointing to her arm in the same place.  I used some washable markers and drew one on her arm. My mom will die after reading this. (She HATES tattoos.)

Making sugar cookies is better than therapy for me.  These were for one of my best friends, as a surprise.  Tate loved helping to decorate as well:) 


ursula said...

Those cookies look awesome...what is your secret? We tried to make some for Superbowl and they turned out so ugly!

Laura Chin said...

I don't think Mom minds as long as they'll wash off. Remember Dad's reverse tattoo after the trip to Disney? haha