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Monday, February 20, 2012

Home Decor Help!

My house is not yet a home.  We have been here about 8 months, and I still don't feel settled.  Which of these do you like?  Or not at all?
 Any and all advice more than welcome!  Pinterest is wonderful for inspiring, but it doesn't give me feedback.

And a few photos from our long weekend. Here we are at the end of a longgggg dining out experience, mainly because this cute baby goes to bed at 6:30pm and it was 6:45pm when this photo was taken.  She had gone "loco" at this point.

ON our way for a walk.  I really need to clean the lens on my phone.  

 While Sister Bear slept, Tate created.  It was the easiest activity ever--just put marshmallows and pretzels in separate bowls and them create.


Paula Clare said...

Hi Cat! LOVE the pics of Soleil! WOW is she getting BIG! HOLY SMOKES WHEN did THAT happen?!

I think I like the mirror but turned horizontally and hanging above the dresser...I'd put a bunting of some kind on it for color. Maybe crocheted flowers for the spring? Alternating with fabric flags or something? Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

Where did the art piece come from? I really dig the blue swirly action. :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just started checking out your blog and I am digging it. Love the stories about your family. And two areas I always need help in are cooking and craft ideas. My 4 year old loves crafts and I feel like I am neglecting him. Thanks for this.

Cat said...

Thanks so much, anon. We are all in this (really hard job of) parenting thing together...

Laura Chin said...

I vote for the mirror. LOVE how long Soleil's hair is, she's so lovely :)