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Friday, September 14, 2012

Bits of Inspiration

We went to the MN Renaissance Festival a few weeks back, and it was way more fun than I expected.  In fact, my kids preferred this event to the State Fair, which we had been to the week before.  We went on Fairy House competition day, and here are a few of the amazing fairy houses that we saw.  Tate preferred to watch the longbow competition, until I made him walk around with me (Soleil and Paul went to get some corn) and then he was insisting that we walk around them twice. He even voted for his favorite!

Later in the week, we were looking for something to do, and I remembered a fountain pump that the previous owners of our house had left behind.  It started with "Let's see if this thing works!" and progressed to the kiddos arguing over who get to play with the new fountain.  The whole thing was created and designed by Tate.

And thank you, Pinterest and Lisa (Rogers) Meesseman, for inspiring me for today's afternoon project...
(the q-tips will be dots for the leaves on the trees.)

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