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Monday, September 24, 2012

Project 2 : Quilt for Mikey

Yes, yes...I realize that we are in week 3, and I haven't posted Project 2 of 52...  I swear! I was working on it the whole time!

Quilts take a really long time to make.  Thank goodness we aren't relying on my quilt making skills to keep us warm, as they did in the days of old.  We would be out of luck.  And by we, I mean my family, who all love to sleep under lots of blankets.  

This quilt is for my brother, Mikey.  I made the top over the last year, but I used the Project 52 to give me focus and actually finish it and mail it off.  (It is not yet in the box.)  The kids are breaking it in, snuggling and playing on it any chance they get.  My kids really, really love quilts.

As for Week 3's project, does decorating for Fall count as a project? Maybe?

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