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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Project 3: Homemade (cute!) Pillowcase

A homemade pillow case sounds really ugly.  You something a relative gives you at the holidays that you only pull out when they come to visit.  But I found this really great tutorial on pinterest, and they used super cute fabrics, which made the pillow case ADORABLE.  Or, I am getting old.

In any case, to go with Mikey's Quilt (Project #2), I made him a matching pillowcase.  He's a 23 year old bachelor, so he'll appreciate (I hope!)  a household good that he doesn't have to buy, and can use the money on food!!

It was really easy and I was able to finish within 2 hours.  Here is the link.

I personally used the video included from Notes from the Patch blog, in addition to the written instructions.  I love the french seams as well as the finished look of the case. 

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