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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I am really excited for the upcoming year!
We have a lot of changes coming up, and the biggest one being is that we are moving AGAIN.  But for the last time!!!  I am very ready to dig in, grow roots, and settle.
My word of the year is:

Yes, it is 2 words, but I need both.  With all the things we have coming up, I need to be very organized, and with that comes the calm.  And I have to calm in order to plan things out well.  I want to make this transition as easy as possible on the kiddos.

Things I am doing for 2014:
1.  Organizing my Bloglist.  Putting my faves at the top of my toolbar, deleting obsolete links
2.  Using checklists that I found on Pinterest.  Search "Home Organization Checklist"

  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Weekly Meal List w/ grocery list
  • Weekly Cleaning List
  • Weekly Blog Schedule & Ideas

3.  Clearing out Cloth Napkins (which we use daily)--getting rid of the most used set.  They are pretty grubby.
4.  Taking Better (unwanted) clothes to consignment, donating the remainder.
5.  Scheduling daily quiet time.  (Probably the most important)
6.  Reducing screen time for me.

I'd love to hear what your plans, goals, hopes, resolutions are for 2014.  xoxoxo

(Update:  I don't LOVE my word of the year.  Still pondering one that feels right.... )

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