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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Soleil's Pink Tea Party

"I'm 4?  Today?  I'm a big girl now?"

After the kids ate, they went to the library and living room, where I pulled out all the pink, baking, and tea party books.  This worked perfectly, giving me a minute to set up the craft.

Craft activity--bead bracelets!

Many of the decorations came from the dollar store.  This is how I made the chair dressings.

 Use the stem of the faux flower to poke a hole, and then pull ribbon through the hole.  (I guide the ribbon through at the same time as the flower stem.)
 Tie a knot.
 Poke flowers through in a cluster, and you are done.


Bella said...

Precious!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Soleil and wow.. what a beautiful party. xo

Gerri said...

Happy Birthday to your girl!! Beautiful party too. :)