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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hot Weather Eats or Snackapalooza

In the summer, the kids eat around the clock.  We don't stick to our normal schedule as much, and therefore eat a lot of "snacks".  I think Soleil's middle name might be snack, as she constantly asks for one.  Here is a few things we have been noshing on.  Because of the heat, I try to use the crock pot as much as possible.  This is also allows us to eat at any time, keeping the food warm for later eaters.  
This salad is from Panera, and one of my favorites.  I took a photo so that I might make it at home.  (It hasn't happened yet.) 
 Chicken+Romaine+Strawberries+Blueberries+Pineapples+Pecans+Mandarin Oranges+Dressing

 Tomatoes+Basil+Fresh Mozzarella Pearls+Cucumbers.  I added celery as well, but it doesn't go.

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