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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Is it only the FIRST week of Summer?

We have been sooo busy and done so many fun things, that it definitely feels like Summer.  I am thrilled to have both kids home, and it is a great distraction from the fact that the moving truck comes in TWO DAYS.

Swimming in the cold water hot tub.  
(Tate came up with the idea and it has been used daily in the 95F heat!)

Girls Night Out with Roxanne.
We had dessert at the local Dessert Bar, and then we wandered around Rite Aid,
trying on nail polish like we were 14 years old spending our babysitting money.  
It was awesome.

Artisans Bakery; Portsmouth, VA
Yes, you have to drive through the tunnel to get there, but worth the trip.
It is only open during the week between 11-3, but they have REAL baguettes.  
 Children's Museum; Portsmouth, VA
When you make a summer rule of no screen time until after 4pm, no one even asks for it.  
Instead, they create their own library.  I can't believe how many hours they have played with this!  

 VA Aquarium; Virginia Beach, VA  
 He would stay at the sting ray tank the entire trip if I let him.
 We had a lovely surprise from one of the giant turtles.
 In the fairy garden under the Adventure park at the VA Aquarium.

Chesapeake Bay; Norfolk, VA
 We were so lucky to have our dear friends, The Miravites, come for a quick visit before our move.  

 Busch Gardens; Williamsburg, VA

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