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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Mr. Lemoncello

We are listening to this audiobook. It is sooo good!

The trailer will give you a better idea, but it is about a bunch of kids who are locked in a library and have to figure out the puzzles to win the grand prize from Mr. Lemoncello.  Tate, age 8, looks forward to listening to this every night after Soleil goes to bed.  He loves books and libraries and games, so it is perfect.  The author has a scavenger hunt available to libraries, and we really want to try and do it once we settled in our new home.  

Any book recommendations for kiddos??  I'd love to hear.

And on that note, we discovered an independent book store in Norfolk called Prince Books. (Yes, a few still exist!) 
Tate was thrilled, as it is cozy and perfect.  It has a little cafe, and as Tate noticed, it "has books we haven't seen before!"  They have a combo of indie titles, as well as popular bestsellers.  

It has that "Shop Around the Corner" feel.  If you don't get my "You've Got Mail" reference... Here are photos from the bookstore from that movie:

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Gerri said...

I love your new header!! This bookstore is adorable...