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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Road Trip To Iowa 2105

I thought I was super mom... Pinteresting car activities, putting together little bags for the kids, prepacking snacks...  Let's just say, the kids don't end up picking things you think are a hit, and yet they lose their head over something you think is insignificant. (Sticky hand that I bought in 2007 for a long plane trip is a perfect example.)

Soleil did like the binder I put together with pencil zip cases, filled with stickers, tiny smelly markers, post it notes, and a mini watercolor kit that I picked up at Walmart an hour before we got on the road.  I think the smelly markers got the best mileage.  The Kindergarten book was mostly ignored.  Tate, on the other hand, wanted an Archie Comic.  And notebooks.

Sidenote:  Tate has been obsessed with notebooks his entire life.  If you a longtime reader, you know that he was addicted to Blues Clues when little, and from the moment he could hold one, a notebook has been his FAVORITE thing.  He hasn't grown out of that.  He recently went to the store, saw that notebooks were 17 cents a piece, and spent his own money to buy 18 EIGHTEEN of them.  I put them away, so that he doesn't bend them all up by December, only to ask for more for Christmas.  What does he write in his notebooks?  Everything.  Plants v Zombies scenarios, Angry Birds scenarios, diagrams, short stories, journal entries a la Diary of Wimpy Kid (these are my favorite, because they are hilarious.), lists, lists, lists.  
On the way to Iowa, we spent the night in Saugatuck and visited my dear friend, Jean.  It is on Lake Michigan, and we all really wanted to go to the beach.  It is gorgeous, but oh my, is it COLD.

We stopped at Crane's Restaurant on our way out of town.
Finally, we arrived in Iowa.  Paul is from there, and his best friends all live there.  We went for his high school reunion, and for his town's annual festival.  There was a lot of this:

And the younger generation version of the same thing:
Tate played mini golf, which is one of his favorite things to do. 
Soleil and I got out one afternoon to get a pedicure and to shop at the mall.  She wanted to ride like a baby, so I let her!

Tate was very happy to be with his Iowa friends. 

The big boys played video games as well.  They all went to see the movie, Pixels, and then were inspired to fire up the centipede when they got home. 
They didn't want to say goodbye!  Such a good trip. 

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