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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

CK Convention pics today!
I just signed up for the CKC in St. Louis and I am really excited to give myself an excuse to scrap, shop, and just enjoy for a day or so. This year I signed up for 3 classes and a crop, which is BIG, considering I usually just take one class and then wish I had signed up for more.

I am looking forward to seeing anything new in the industry to spark my creativity. I am particularly excited for the Clear Album Class after seeing Ali Edwards creations on her blog.

I am still working on the planner...tornado warnings and feverish toddler have delayed me.


kim brimhall said...

i stopped scrapping for a year. but i just recently started a new challenge called overlooked. my friend who is a designer for scrap in style tv is hosting it. if you are interested...she is under ash on my blog:) have fun!

Lisa said...

Hi Cat,
Oh, wouldn't it be fun! You'll have to tell all when you get back :)

I started that Overlooked challenge too.

I hope the tornadoes stay away and the little fella gets to feeling better.