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Monday, January 14, 2008

Cool Things from the weekend

1. Thai food--haven't had it in 8 months!

2. The movie "Waitress", the song "Baby Don't ya Cry" from the movie...

3. Working on my scrapped Planner--hopefully to be done before December!!

4. Monday Morning


Charin said...

I need to watch that movie! :) I've hard from several people that it's really good.
Love the bottom picture, aww!

Lisa said...

Wow, the little fella draws a good heart! The budding artist :)
I will have to listen to that song again from the soundtrack, don't remember... but that movie was hard for me to watch.. I didn't like the awful husband. I did love how it ended.

ursula said...

We got that movie from Netflix, and did not get to watch it. We will have to get it from REDBOX now! Love the pics!

Natalie said...

You just reminded me that I need to see the Waitress. I hear such great things. And love that pic of tate being a little artist. Too cute.