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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Overlooked Challenge #1

"Sure.You might have tons of them in the cabinet.
And yes, you might use them all at one time or another.But there is always that ONE that you prefer. That one you will search in the dishwasher for as opposed to simply grabbing one off the shelf."

Ok, Here is the favorite cup. It was my sister's and it is the cup I use most often.
One of the reasons it is my favorite, it that I have one very similar that was #1 before my sis passed on and left me hers. This one was my very first item I bought when I was first on my own after college. I bought it at the local grocery and used it for a bowl, for coffee, for everything. I love this cup. And then my sister "gave" me hers. And it is even better... It is bigger, more ergonomic to my hands, and well, my sister's.

Here is my coffee cup cupboard, and I have to say, when thinking about the challenge I have a lot of favorite cups. In fact, there is not a cup in my collection that isn't special!

Thanks to the fellow bloggers who introduced my the Overlooked Challenge.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry that you had a sister to pass. It was nice of her to leave you her cup though. Makes for a sweet memory. It's funny I don't really have a fav coffee cup.

Mona said...

The coffee cup is the second most important part of the ritual of drinking the beverage sent from above. First, of course, is the STRONG delicious brew and then THE cup! Gotta be the right one!

Vee said...

i have the waitress in my queue, can't wait to see it :)