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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Parent of the Year

Today is one of those days that I will NOT be winning the "Parent of the Year" award. It is one of those days where stuff your mom said, that you promised would never fly out of your mouth, does in fact, fly out of your mouth and you will do anything to get through the day.

Ok, for my scrapbook friends/siblings/random reader who don't have kids, I realize how boring this is. I remember being single back in the late 90s, when the only people who scrapbooked were stay-at-home moms, and I was the single working girl seeking out Creating Keepsakes consultants every time I moved. Which was a lot. While they were scrappin' their cute 1 yr old bday party, I was scrapping pictures of myself getting drunk in Vegas or doing other nonfamily oriented things and I was trying hard to hide the layouts, as to not offend anyone!

Back to my bad parenting...
Yea, I turned off the tv in hopes of playing games, creating art, whatever seemed somewhat better than "magical light box". I had a riot on my hands. There is marker on Paul 's beloved dining table, I had a bouncy ball thrown at me, and I think we hit an all time record high for time-outs today. Oh and my resolve to "always stay calm" flew out the window as Tate threw his train track on the floor for the bazillionth time in a row.

Then something changed... I gave up. I made some tea, continued making the bread we had started and kind of ignored him. He actually started playing on his own, and we both just did our own thing for at least a half an hour. By that time, we were both chilled out and it made the time until beloved naptime a lot better. In fact, when he wouldn't come to get changed and had a load of poo in his pants, I just walked out of his room, shut the door and went and cleaned up the living room. By the time I got back, he immediately ran over and laid down to get changed. AND he went right to bed.

This parenting thing is hard sometimes!


Charin said...

Aww! Hang in there girl :) I know I've had days like that's frustrating sometimes!
Thank you for your comment on my new page. I was glad that I finally used some bright colors with a posed pic, I used to think that I had to keep it plain and simple. :)

ursula said...

I love the new colors...I need something bright on these cold, rainy, Texas days. You crack me up! I can't wait to see the drunk Vegas pics.

Vee said...

hang in there and I can so relate!:)

RachelDenbow said...

You're a good momma for wanting the best thing for your son. Good job with ignoring him instead of letting your emotions control your actions. I struggle with that and S is only 19 months.
Thanks for sharing.